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Blueberry Honey


Blueberry Honey

  • Bee’s Knees Honey Farms, Blueberry Honey, is made from the nectar gathered by honeybees from the beautiful tiny flowers of blueberry bushes. In order to maximize fruit production, farmers will rent beehives from pollination services. Studies have shown that for each hive placed per acre, the farmer can expect another 1,000 pounds of fruit! Some farmers will rent as many as 5 hives per acre in order to grow the largest crop possible. Enjoy Blueberry honey in sauces and baked goods, swirl it in plain yogurt sprinkled with a little mint, drizzle it over any mild cheese, or as a syrup on top of your waffles or pancakes! Our blueberry honey is certainly the Bee’s Knees!


    Flavor: full, pleasant, moderately fruity, with a slight tang and a blueberry aftertaste.

    • Ground
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