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  • What is Apitherapy?
    To view a visual presentation about Apitherapy by ApiBee visit ApiBee on SlideShare!
  • Honeybee Venom Kills Some Breast Cancer Cells
    Australian scientists say the venom from honeybees has been found to destroy aggressive breast cancer cells in a lab setting. Read Article
  • Bee Venom a Possible Natural Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
    The Michal J. Fox Parkinson Foundation, supports clinical research on the use of bee venom against Parkinson's disease. Read Article
  • Positive Poison. . .
    Purified Honeybee Venom Could Be Used to Treat Osteoarthritis Read Article
  • “Murder” Hornets: Should You Panic? Probably Not. Here’s Why.
    Headlines all over the country have been sounding the alarm about “murder” hornets. Should you be worried? Yes and no. The presence of these hornets in the United States is bad news for bees and beekeepers alike but there’s no need to panic yet. Read Article
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